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Furry / Anthro Neopet Players
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Our mission is to find every furry / anthro neopets player. You don't have to be fur to join either. This is a place for all animal and neopets fans, whether it be for the art, roleplay, or just to chat - This is a place where we can all come together; share artwork, whether it be neopets or animals; discuss things without having to worry about getting warned or frozen and to make new friends :)

- You don't have to be fur to join, but sharing a love for animals and neopets is probably quite necessary
- This is a community for all ages, so please keep it to a PG rating
- Try sticking to the basic rules of Neopets
- NEVER give anyone your neopets password
- You may advertise your site or community
- Big pictures / large posts must be put under an LJ Tag
- HAVE FUN! ^_^

None yet
[We are currently looking for affiliates. Whether it be an LJ community, DeviantArt club, or a website, please contact _shema_ if you're interested]