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Furry / Anthro Neopet Players

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Furry Neopians



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October 11th, 2008

My apologies if it's not ^^'

Spare a vote for my Lupe, Colossus80, in the Beauty Contest this week? :3

Full size image under cutCollapse )

They deleted my entry for this week. I have no idea what I did wrong. I certainly did NOT steal the image, I don't have multiple accounts to vote for it, and it was in the right category.

I'm so ANGRY and confused ;_;

I just figured out what was wrong. Tucked away in the BC FAQ:

1. Why was my picture rejected/removed from the contest?
Copyright or TradeMark symbols in your picture. This means that you cannot have the words Copyright, or trademark or the © or ™ marks on your pictures.


Sorry for all this rubbish editing.

October 8th, 2008

The Door was Open. ^-^

Well anyways hello! I'm MagicLocket But on Neopets It's Neonstardust. I've been on Neopets for 5 years and had to start over because of what a friend did ;^;. I still play and do all sorts of stuff on there, like gain NP, collect items and draw my pets. My favorite things to do on Neopets is draw them, Battle them, and Role Play them (and boy have I role played with somw crazy people ^^'). So yea. Want to be Neofriends just send one over, I never mind talking as well.

August 8th, 2008

Lupe costume

Hi I had a lupe costume a long time ago. my mom got mad at me and threw it in the trash and I never saw it again. I am makeing fursuits for a hobby and I hope to get a new lupe costume soon.

July 31st, 2008

Hi I just joined this comunity so i thought id start by saying my user name on neopets is Majy_The_Dragon. Feel free to add me. I love lupes and my fursona is a Demon Dragon hybrid named Majin Romanov-marx. I really enjoy neopets. On my old acount i had a christmas lupe but i couldnt put it on my new acount ;w;. So i got a green lupe and just put some christmas themed items on him. Any way thats pretty much it. Please feel free to take a peek at my pets and my userlookup if you feel like it. 

A long time no see!

Heya, this is earthlion. I do not use that account anymore but I still play Neopets. I go by kakarot1518 on there and yeah you can see I LOVE Lupes! Three Lupes, one looking like a gentleman/actor and a gallery that is one of the biggest in Neopets! I am working to make my account a friends only type so, in order for us to be neofriends, you MUST send me a neomail, telling me where I met you from and what is your name there. I am cleaning out my friends list, but it is hard to tell which ones are fur neopet players and who is not since it is going to be mostly a "Furry Neopian" list. Hope to see you guys soon!
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