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Furry / Anthro Neopet Players

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Furry Neopians

Furry Neopians



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April 15th, 2007

Neopet Fursuit


That's rather cool. I figured someone at some point would make one. I don't remember if TNT had posted other pictures of costumers with suits or not.

Yup. Short posting

April 2nd, 2007


Anybody else having problems posting on the Guild?

I keep getting an error telling me that I have said a rude word when I haven't.

March 25th, 2007


I don't have any to post as of yet, but I did just receive an E-mail asking for a link to my screeie page. The lesson I learned is that if one is to put "screenied" on the board it would behoove one to have a page to show others. So, I'm going to hop on the bandwagon and make a screenie page. I now have at least two problems: Which pet will host my page and the fact that I have never made a website. I have a friend that can help me with HTML, but I never looked into seeing if the Pet Pages were run off of NeoHTML. I got fan mail before starting my page. Yay!

I'm also posting to say that the guild is starting to become more active which is good.

::stares blankly for a moment:: Yup. Brain empty now

March 4th, 2007


Hello, just joined and thought I'd say hi.
Anyways... My neopets username is elvinflame, I have other accounts as well but that's my main. I love all my pets, they're mah babies!! *huggles*
Well, I don't have a fursona, but I love chatting/rping through my pets. So if you wanna chat with them, feel free. ;P
(BTW, if you want a full petlist, etc. go ahead and ask me)

January 10th, 2007

I'm not going to be someone who specifically stalks the boards for screenie shots. But, looking back I have seen A LOT of boards that should have been screenied out of sheer amusement. I don't plan on making a site because, uhm, well, I'm lazy. So I will show the members of this community them instead

Cut 'cause of picciesCollapse )
I hope this amused some people.

I also get to use my new icon with this posting. I haven't had a new icon on LJ in a VERY long time
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