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Furry / Anthro Neopet Players

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Furry Neopians

Furry Neopians



June 29th, 2009



Are you playing?
If so, what team are you on?
Who do you think will win?
What rank are you currently?
Which is your favorite game?

If your not participating, why not? Not really into it or just a supporter?

April 26th, 2009

Pets go poof?

Has anyone else had their pets suddenly go bye bye? The images seem to be gone. I think they're having server problems or something as they're gone in the news, too, for the spotlight winners. My Faerie Poogle is the only pet who's image hasn't turned into a giant gear.

Recently, a person on Neopets posted a board asking if anyone else on Neo was a furry.
In the end, it resulted with those who said they were furry being suspended/banned.
http://snarky-fox.livejournal.com/17232.html (a friend who also was)

So, just be careful ^^'.

April 16th, 2009

Beauty Contest :)

Shema Fursuit
Just to let you know, Beauty contest entries ARE allowed to be posted on this community :)

April 3rd, 2009

Hey everyone,
For those who still play neopets. What do you like doing on there?

Are you an avatar attic?
Do you battle people in the battledome alot?
Chat with random people on the boards?
Enter the AG or NT?

ya know?

Me? I'm usually working on my pets pages and trying to help my neofirnds achieve their dream pets.
I'm currently helping a buddy of mine apply for a Draik X). she's frustrated so i said I'd help (she new to it all)

so what do you do?.
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